Why VSP?

Because vision care is better when it costs less.

Our goal at VSP is to help people see by providing affordable access to high-quality eye care and eyewear. An individual or family vision insurance plan from VSP typically saves your recipient hundreds of dollars on your recipient’s exams and glasses. That’s why 70 million members are happily covered by VSP.

Five reasons VSP is the best choice for individual vision insurance:



You'll get the lowest out-of-pocket cost in vision care. You'll see savings on frames, lenses, contacts, eye exams, and more. Typical annual savings is over $200 with the Standard Plan.


Doctor Network

Your recipient will find convenient locations, with the largest independent doctor network, consisting of over 32,000 doctors nationwide.



Whether they're looking for classic styles or trendy frames, your recipient will find the perfect pair for their style and budget. They can simply choose from the hundreds of options available through their vision plan.



Getting started is fast and easy. You can enroll your recipient online in minutes and they can start using their benefits in just five business days.


Focus On You

With us, your recipient's wellness comes first. As the only national not-for-profit vision insurance company, we put our members first so you can trust your recipient is getting the best care. It’s no wonder 95% of our members are satisfied with VSP.

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“I wanted to share a good experience with my friend. VSP is the best vision plan on the market.”

– Anonymous

“An eye appointment and contacts are very expensive. Young adults in college or with young children don’t have a lot of extra money. Proper eye care can get pushed aside in lieu of paying bills, and other family & financial demands. It is a gift I chose for my adult children so they don’t compromise their eye care for other responsibilities.”

– Susan Bracken, MO

“Our son needed new glasses and currently did not have an eye care plan due to being unemployed. He does amazingly detailed work creating toys, gifts and holiday decorations on a scroll saw for our home based company and was getting headaches and could not work for very long with his old glasses.”

– Linda Snow

“As a mother and knowing that my son does not have vision insurance, I felt it necessary to purchase the plan for him.”

– Sherrill Huddleston, CA

“I love my own VSP plan, originally came to VSP through an employer benefit, then when company changed vision plans, chose to purchase own VSP separately because it is superior to the one offered. Then went to VSP when my friend needed a vision plan.”

– Lissa Redshaw, FL

“My niece was raised by me and I know she has issue with her sight. I wanted to make sure she takes good care of her eyesight and since she’s a full-time student I wanted to pay for her insurance”

– Claudia Atherton, OR

“I have the plan through my employer, it is the best vision plan I have ever had. My partner needed new glasses and didn’t have vision insurance, so knowing how good the plan is, I purchased it for him. He now has new glasses and is seeing just fine again.”

– James Heath, VA

“Excellent vision plan; my son does not have vision insurance so I knew this would be a good gift for him.”

– Julie Orlando, FL

“Eye exams are expensive and my mother cannot afford what it cost. The insurance cut her cost in half which made my parents very happy.”

– Dorothy O’Brien, NM

“My nana needs transitions and no line bifocals which was costly for her in the past. I had such a good experience using my vsp from my employer, that I went to the site to see how to get individual insurance and found out about the gift program. Now she was able to get brand name frames that she loves, polarized transitions which were free, Hoya EX lens treatment for computers a big discount on her prescription! And I was able to surprise her with the gift on the day of her visit.”

– Sarah Ratliffe II, IL

“I prefer VSP and my husband needed insurance so I got it for him, giving it as a gift was the easiest way, and allowed me access rather then trying to have him set it up. He works long hours so I try to do things for him.”

– Heather Adams, AZ

“My husband and I have had VSP for years through his work. We love the insurance. My son wears glasses and buying them without insurance is expensive, so I got him a policy.”

– Judy Gray, AR

Top Ten Reviews, 2015 Excellence Award

VSP is consumers' #1 choice in vision care.

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